Shooting in the 21st century…

Shooting attire is something of a tradition. This is no wonder when one actually recalls the history behind the shotgun and the purpose of why it was built...(after the bow and arrow and before Tesco!) So it is wonderful to think that such a country pursuit still remains deep rooted in its traditions and that the plus-fours of the Edwardian times still live on.

Unlike the Edwardian times however there now sees a different breed out in the field, whether equipped with shotgun, Labrador or simply enjoying the view stood behind husband; the lady shot has become increasingly apparent over the centuries in shooting circles.

But what to wear…?

Should one be the colour of the moor and blend in (obviously yes in most cases) or should one stand out and sport the craziest tweeds which will render them unforgettable for many years to come. I guess this is down to personal taste. But one thing is for certain – it’s always great to accessories and this is where the fun comes in.

With a plethora of tweed suits out there to choose from, make sure you express some individuality with accessories whilst on, or off your peg this season, after all; who said one must limit such apparel soley to the shooting field.